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Electronic Security 

Auckland-Wide Mobile Electronic Technician Service 

Need some help with the installing, repairing and servicing of an electronic security system? Our expertise is in:

  • Alarm systems 


Our technicians are certified in:
  • Innerrange Concept, Integriti and Inception
  • Protege GX and WX


We are approved installers of:
  • Paradox and Digiplex alarm systems
  • Innerrange and Protege access control systems
  • Hikvision, Dahua and Bosch camera systems



Camera Systems

Closed Circuit Television Systems enable the end-user to monitor, record and play-back recorded images from cameras located around the complex.

Against popular thinking, security cameras will not protect you from theft or damage. It will only show you, if the correct cameras are used and are in the correct positions, who the culprit is by replaying the recorded images.

With modern technology advancing every day, closed circuit television images are now stored onto specially designed equipment called digital video recorders (DVR).

In basic terms, a DVR is a highly specialised computer with special hard drives that are designed to be used 24-hours a day. DVR's can manage up to sixty-four camera inputs, and more, at a time.

Images can be recorded at specific times, all the time, or when the DVR detects motion within the area the camera is covering.

Analogue or IP Cameras?

There are two types of cameras, the standard camera that converts the digital signal to analogue to be sent down coaxial cable to the DVR. The other type of camera is an IP Camera that transmits a digital signal down a CAT-5e cable. Having TCP/IP protocals, the cameras sit on a Company's TCP/IP computer network, and with an IP address transmits the video signal through the network to a special digital video recorder. 


 Intercom Systems

Intercom brands that we are very familiar with are:

  • Farfisa
  • Aiphone
  • Panasonic
  • Fermax



 Intercoms come in several versions:

Audio Only Intercoms

These are standard intercoms with a door/gate station and a handset located inside the building/offices. When talking with the visitor, you are able to press a button on the handset to unlock the door/gate to allow the visitor to enter. 

Audio/Video Intercoms
Basically the same as the audio intercom, with the advantage of having a camera built into the door/gate station and a small LCD monitor built into the handset. This allows you to see who is at the door/gate whilst speaking to them. Intercom systems can consist of a  single unit or multiple units with systems able to be designed to have up to 8 door/gate stations and 100's of handsets. Interfaces to electronic access control systems enable the monitoring and unlocking of multiple doors/gates and lift levels. 


Telecommunication Intercoms
These are special audio only intercoms that connect to a Telecom land-line. The unit dials a pre-programmed phone number (local, national, international, or mobile) when the enter code is entered. When conversing with the visitor at the intercom, the door/gate can be released by pressing the "9" key on you phone.  

Access Control

Premises and personnel management has become a complex issue and the ability to react instantly in order to retain control over whom and when access is gained is imperative, particularly for multi-user buildings and open access institutions.

The solution is the installation of an access control system capable of reading all types of card or tag technology to accommodate the specific requirements of individual clients. Our systems offer proximity tags and cards, biometric recognition, smart card or simple digital keypad and it should be noted that several different technologies can be incorporated into the same system.

Access control systems installed by us can range from a single door control system, with the potential to expand without redundancy to a multiple site computer based solution, operated with Microsoft WindowsTM approved software. This modular approach offers additional features including; Photo ID Card printing, Remote Site Modem link, Alarm monitoring and time & attendance

Finally, due consideration must be given to the integration with Fire Alarms, CCTV systems and to the locks and mundane but essential door hardware that the system will be expected to control. These issues are so often overlooked in the rush to get the electronics and software installed. Impartial advice on the system and most suitable card or tag technology to meet your needs is available from Allsafe Security Group.