Testimonials & Case Studies

Case studies

When Maori Television Services (MTS) started construction of their Newmarket Studios, Allsafe Security Group won the contract for the supply and installation of an integrated access control, security, audio intercom and closed circuit television system. 

Over the years that MTS has been operating, Allsafe Security Group has provided an on-going service that meant that the security managers and staff have not needed to worry about the continued operation of the systems. Being regularly serviced and maintained, if problems occur, our staff can have the problem fixed within a couple of hours maintaining the security of the complex.

As MTS has expanded over the years, the systems have expanded to cater for the additional office space and staff without having to replace any of the existing system controllers.

After being a Client of Allsafe Security for a number of years, when NZ Crane Hire (formerly New Zealand Crane) outgrew their old complex in Freemans Bay, and started building a new workshop in Onehunga they asked us to propose an access control system that can be expanded with the new complex.

Proposing the Concept Access 4000 System, the original system controlled only the main gate and two external doors to the massive new Workshop, internal security for the temporary Port-a-coms that become the administration offices for a few years and a closed circuit television system to record images within and around the complex on to a digital video recorder. 

With the expansion of the company and the construction of administration offices, the Concept Access 4000 System has grown to control up to 15 access controlled doors (with room to spare), alarms, as well as the monitoring and control of the electric fence


Shay Solutions is a Property Administration Company to a vast list of Commercial and Residential Complexes within the Auckland region. 

Allsafe Security Group have provided locksmithing and electronic security services to Shay Solutions over a number of years maintaining residential and commercial properties as required. See Shay Solution's testimonial below.



We have been using the services of Allsafe Security Group for many years. We find their attention to detail incredible and are delighted with the extra steps they take to ensure our residents are looked after professionally. We know once we engage them to carry out any work we can then forget about it as they are always reliable and will go the extra mile to ensure the job is completed to a high standard. We would not hesitate to recommend Allsafe Security Group, you will not be disappointed.

Garry Denley
Lachores Body Corporate Manager


As Property Administrators, SHAY Solutions Limited relies upon their preferred suppliers and trades for the maintenance of specialised systems across a broad range of properties. Reliability and response are paramount in providing customer satisfaction while access to products over a range of performance specification and price ensures that the customer's requirements can be met and maintained within budget.

Allsafe Security is the preferred locksmith, proximity access and security systems provider chosen by SHAY Solutions Limited to meet the design, maintenance and repair requirements of their portfolio. Allsafe Security is able to provide, often at short notice, expert advice and technical service over their range of products, both conventional and contemporary electronic systems ensuring that the customer expectation of immediate attention is met on every occasion.

Roger Jordan
SHAY Portfolio Manager