Trimec ES111 12/24VDC PTL Strike

Trimec ES111 12/24VDC PTL Strike

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Trimec ES100 Series Electric Strikes

The ES100/ES110 product range of patented Burglar Resistant Strikes is used with all access control installations where flexibility, security and lower cost is required.

Having a deeper than normal throat, this electric strike will operate with a greater range of locks and offers the same level of security usually provided by more expensive electric locking systems.


  • Preset as power to open/power to lock field changeable on site
  • Extra strength stainless steel striker latch
  • Extra security with 3 hardened locking pins
  • Continuously rated solenoid which can be continuously powered
  • Optional mounting kit is easy to use
  • Easy to use stick-on installation template for faster installations
  • IP56 weather resistant
  • ES110 suitable for 18 mm (3/4inch ) latch with a 3mm door gap

Face Plate
Stainless steel with round ANSI short style

Technical Data

  • Electrical Specification 243mA @ 12Vdc(rated for continuous use)
  • Holding strength - 680kg (1499lb)
  • Product weight - 162 gms (5.7 oz)
  • Shipping size with box - 195 x 48 x 34 ( 7 3/4inch x 1 15/16inch x 1 3/8inch )


  • Approved to Ul1034(highest level)
  • Approved to BS5872
  • Electromagnetic compatibility - EN500181 - 1 Exempt
  • Fire Approval (ES 110)
  • Weather Resistant Version (IP56)