Nidac Single Door Access Control Kit
Nidac Single Door Access Control Kit

Nidac Single Door Access Control Kit

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Kit Includes:  1 x PTKR Keypad, 1 x PAC 1 Single Door Access Controller and 10 Proximity Tags

PAC 1 - Single Door Control Module Features:

  • 600 User Codes
  • Supports bulk adding of User Codes
  • 10 keypads or readers can be connected to each PAC 
  • Split system for maximum security
  • System uses low cost non-shielded cable
  • 12-24 Volts DC, 16-24 Volts AC
  • Heavy duty relay contact for door control
  • Non-volatile memory will store all information for 10 years without power
  • 1 minute lockout after 5 invalid attempts at entering a code (programmable)
  • Door Open Too Long (DOTL) facility
  • Door Forced Open detection
  • Automatic re-lock feature
  • Accepts N.O. or N.C. Request to Exit (RTE) devices
  • Management code facility.

This is a very basic, high security system. It has no time schedules or other fancy features. You badge a valid card and the door unlocks for a preset time, and when the door closes, the door is locked again. The door controller locks and unlocks the electronic lock, so should the card reader be pulled off the door and the wires shorted out, the electronic lock will not unlock.

PTKR Prox Reader and Keypad 

  • Suitable for indoor & outdoor usage
  • 9 to 14vdc operation
  • Weather resistant
  • Touch sensitive keys
  • Outputs Presco Wiegand data
  • Blue LED backlighting on keys
  • Compatible with all Nidac Presco Decoders
  • Fully configerable for custom wiegand keypad modes
  • Read range up to 11cm
  • Distance PTKR to PAC Controllers up to 1km unshielded cable
  • PTKR to wiegand controller up to 100m shielded cable only
  • Frequency 125 +/- 5khz
  • 36 months (3 year) manufacturers warranty.