Borg marine grade push-button lock - single keypad - horizontal bolt

Borg marine grade push-button lock - single keypad - horizontal bolt

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The Marine Grade Series offers a comprehensive range of mechanical access control solutions that have been developed specifically for marine applications whereby compliance to the ISPS code is essential. The Marine Grade series offers the perfect solution for applications where it is not possible or convenient to use an electronic or key driven access control.  

Manufactured to the highest standards using stainless steel for all of the critical internal components the Marine Grade series has undergone extensive testing to ensure that the coding chamber is resistant to salt water corrosion. The exterior bodies have been MG Pro (Black) plated using a special e-plating process that has been successfully salt spray tested to over 1000 hours; which is guaranteed to last in the most arduous of conditions.

This particular model comes fitted with a knob turn, fitted with a rim deadbolt latch, designed for situations where the thickness of the door is not suitable for a standard tubular latch or requires a thicker, more secure latch.

  • 1000 hour salt spray tested
  • ISPS compliant
  •  Cycle tested to 100,000 operations
  • Non handed units- easily reversible on site ( excludes the 2615 model)
  • Optional free passage function (5200 models)
  • Clutched keypad handles ( 5200 models)
  • Holdback function ( 2601 & 2701 models)
  • Back to back keypad models available ( 2621 & 5251 models)
  • Over 2000 code combinations available ( 5200 models)
  • Over 8000 code combinations available ( 2600 & 2700 models)
  • Stainless steel Dead bolt
  • MG PRO Finish