Inner Range Integriti

Integriti Professional is a software application designed for use within small business, large companies and global enterprise’s as the central management system for all Integriti Security and Access Control field hardware products.

Integriti Professional is a sophisticated software solution, designed from the ground up for the internet age. Leveraging the very latest platforms and technologies, Integriti software is a world-class product that packages guaranteed reliability, scalability and performance at every level.

Features Overview 


Integriti Professional software incorporates a sub application known as Gatekeeper which is essentially a tailored yet controlled simple user interface to allow all end user tasks such as assigning user permissions and arming and disarming areas. This is a separated window into the system as distinct from the installer focused, System Designer application and shields end users from exposure to the complexity of installer programming functionality.

Amazing yet Flexible Access Permissions

Integriti Professional delivers refreshingly simple, yet amazingly flexible, programming of user access to doors and areas. Doors can be added directly to users or structures such as Door Lists and User Access Groups can be employed. The use of optional exceptions means that large numbers of unmanageable user groups are a thing of the past.

An example of the use of exceptions is outlined below:

User 1: David Smith

David has access to all factory doors except the rear exit. 

User 2: Trevor Wong

Trevor has access to all factory doors plus the front storeroom door.

In traditional access systems multiple access groups would need to be created to deliver these simple permissions. With Integriti only one access group, “All factory doors” is created and variations to the permission group are created by applying simple exceptions.