Code Lock 2255 With Latch

Code Lock 2255 With Latch

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With fast, easy programming of up to 80 different user codes via the keypad, the CL2000 series is ideal for a wide range of light-medium duty entry control applications such as in health, educational, commercial and residential environments.

Electronic functionality provides major benefits over mechanical locks, such as programming at the keypad, multiple codes, one-time user codes, remote release, automatic building alarm release and incorrect code alarm. The non-volatile memory retains settings when batteries are changed. Features include:

-- Operation from code pad side is by key or entering in the correct code and turning knob, non code pad side operation is via a turn knob which is unlocked at all times
-- Alternatively, the 2000 series can be used with a mortice lock such as a Legge L9MF or Lockwood 3572 series (order model CL2255MORTBSS, where mortice lock and internal furniture need to be ordered separately)
-- Can be also used with standard deadlatches or nightlatches (order model CL2255DDLBSS, where locks are not supplied with digital) 
-- Allows up to 80 user codes and 10 one time user codes 
-- Codes can be 4, 5 or 6 digits long (same length is required for all codes)
-- On door programming via master codes
-- LED indicates locked or unlocked status
-- For internal usage only 
-- Over 80,000 operations from 4 x AA cells (sold separately)
-- Low battery warning
-- Connections for remote release by button or alarm release (supplied with lock)
-- "Code Free" entry either by key or set electronically (passage mode) with the keypad
-- Lock set model fits in place of a standard lock set with 1 extra drill hole (use NKTR-1 as trim plates for retrofit applications)
-- For door thicknesses of between 32mm - 65mm
-- Non handed
-- Latch is a 70mm tubular design with a 60mm option available as an extra (CL2-60BS)
-- 5 pin PD cylinder on the Keyline LKW5 (Silca LW4) profile. For 6 pin option add housing, (CK001-SH4HS-5) cannot pin front chamber.

NOTE: These locks are not suitable for high use doors. Please contact your sales representative for advice on the correct locks for high usage installation. Batteries not included.